HCC Kids

What to expect

Sunday Morning Check-in

Check-in is open from 9:15-9:30am in Family Connect, located on the back end of the Sanctuary in the annex. 

A greeter will be stationed at the entry way to welcome you and verify registration. When space is available, walk-ins are welcome, however we strongly encourage registration as there is limited space and openings will be filled first come first serve.

The greeter will be available to give you more information and help you with registration. If this is your first time back since HCC Kids reopening or if you are a new to HCC Kids, a check-in person will help you complete the annual intake forms and enter in your information to our check in system. .

Once your child is registered for the service and annual paperwork is completed, you will move to the check-in team member to receive your security tag.

Security Tags

Families will check-in their children to the HCC Kids attendant outside of the classrooms. Security tags will print for the parent and child. Parents are to keep their tags for verification at pick up. Permitted pick-up/drop-off persons are listed in our system. If a caregiver loses their security tag, please show the check in person your driver’s license or photo ID to verify yourself as a safe pick up person.

During Service

Service typically lasts 9:30-10:45am. Classrooms are held as safe ratios to allow for physical distancing in small groups. 


Families can learn more about we are learning about on our Kids Online Resources page. 

Parent Communication

During service, if a child needs assistance, parents will be contacted by text message through the planning center check-in system.


Check-out usually runs from 10:45-11:00am in Family Connect, located on the back end of the Sanctuary in the annex. Check-in team members are available for assistance throughout service for early check-in or late drop-off. 

To reduce congestion in the hallway, we ask that only one permitted person come to pick-up the child.

Have your security tag ready! Physical distancing markers are located on the hallway floor directing you to the check-out station. 

  1. The check-out team will direct you to scan your badge and confirm your identity as a permitted pick up person. 
  2. The check-out team will then take your sticker and direct your to a designated number on the wall to wait. 
  3. The check-out team will pick up your child from their designated rooms and bring them to you. 

Email kids@hcconline.org will additional questions or comments. Feedback is especially welcome in this season!

See below for extended safety policies and procedures.